We Had Our Air Conditioner Replaced

When my kids told me not that long ago that they were freezing and would never use the air conditioner again, I had to laugh. Yes, it was very cold out, and the lack of a lot of insulation in our house means that we feel extreme temps. So, in the summer, we can get pretty hot in the house if the AC is not working, and we can get very cold in the winter if the furnace would have any issues. I did have to contact a company that handles AC repair in Brandon, MS not that long ago because we were having record breaking temperatures, and the air conditioner was not acting right. Continue reading


4 Examples of Blackhat SEO in Philippines

Blackhat SEO in Philippines is a technique to avoid at all costs, unless ruining your business sounds like a good idea. Blackhat SEO certainly helps push you to the top quicker than any other methods out there, but these aren’t techniques that make Google smile. Blackhat SEO techniques are those considered manipulative and deceptive and using them compromises your business, good reputation, and trust. Here’s four of the most commonly used blackhat techniques and a brief description. Do not involve yourself with any of the techniques listed below if you crave success!

1- Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the worst ways to try to build a ranking in the search engine. as the name implies, keyword stuffing involes insertion of the same keyword 10 or more times to gain a better ranking.

2- Selling Links

Link building is important in SEO world, but selling links to get them is not the way to accomplish greatness. In fact, it is yet another of the blackhat techniques that you shouldn’t involve yourself with on any level. Continue reading


She Has Her Own Business Instagram Now

My mom was not sure how to go about promoting her business. She runs a very nice decorating service, but it takes pictures for people to really see the magic that she can do. That is why I suggested that her social media platform be Instagram. The others are good in their own way, but for a company that needs to sell their products with pictures, Instagram is really the only way to go. I also did some research on growing her profile quickly, which is how I found myself at the get-followers.co.uk website.

This is a company that actually sells followers. I was able to purchase 500 followers for her new account, but that is not the amazing part really. The followers actually are real people who like and comment on the different pictures that I have put there. It is so obvious they are real by their comments, so that makes me happy because while the company said it is real people, I admit to having my doubts. Continue reading


My Husband and I Go to the Chiropractor Now

My husband saw a chiropractor years ago when he was in an automobile accident. Even though he didn’t get hurt very badly, he was still advised to see one since whiplash can take days or even weeks to really start showing up on some people. He learned a good deal about chiropractic adjustments because he asks a lot of questions, which is the reason why we started looking at different Concord chiropractors not that long ago. We moved not long after the accident, otherwise we would just continue to use the chiropractor he saw then. Continue reading